Armil CFS manufactures high temperature industrial furnaces serving a wide range of industries. All furnaces are custom-manufactured to customer specifications. The experienced Armil CFS engineering staff works with each customer to design equipment that will meet their specific requirements. All equipment is engineered to work in harsh industrial environments, utilizing heavy steel construction, the latest in combustion and control technology, and modern efficient refractory materials.

Take a look below at the main categories of industrial furnaces as manufactured by Armil CFS – from investment casting to box and forging furnaces, our furnaces are built to take your heat and pressure – literally!

Furnace Styles and Industries


Armil CFS manufactures Furnaces for the following Industries:

  • Investment casting (Box Preheat, Box Dewax, Pusher Furnaces, Roller hearth Furnaces)
  • Test Furnaces (Vertical and Horizontal Test Furnaces)
  • Heat Treating (Box Furnaces, Car Bottom Furnaces, Pit Furnaces, Roller Hearth Furnaces, Rotary Retort furnaces, Screw Hearth Furnaces)
  • Forging (Box, Car Bottom, Slot Forge Furnaces)
  • Incineration (box furnaces, oxidizers, cremation furnaces)
  • Ceramics (Shuttle Kilns, Box Kilns, Rotary Kilns)

Armil CFS has the engineering and fabrication experience necessary to provide a custom furnace to fulfill your high temperature requirements. Furnaces can be designed to meet your temperature uniformity and local emissions requirements.  Furnaces can also be designed around specific material handling or process requirements. Data Collection, Recuperation, and Automation can all be incorporated into most furnace designs.